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Discussion in '2011 Avery Farm Machinery Feature' started by tractorfamily4, Dec 5, 2010.

  1. tractorfamily4

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    Just a quick update on the Avery feature 2011: not much has changed since the annual meeting. We are asking all Avery owners to get your stories in to Jean Siirila ASAP as she would like them all by the end of the month. Pictures too if you have. If you have an Avery item that you plan on bringing to the show let us know!

    We know that some tractors are being fixed up this winter that will be ready for show time and some that are all ready to come.

    We are now working on contacting people that have tractors to make a full line up steam and gas tractors both.

  2. dachtera

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    Be sure to keep the camera guys in the loop on updates for the 2011 Video! It would be excellent to get a number of the exhibitors on film.

  3. dachtera

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    is there any information you'd like on the website for this years feature? Currently there is nothing posted.

    Thanks- Tim
  4. tractorfamily4

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    Volunteer Hours

    We will be needing people to help out on the Expo Grounds tending the gate to let trucks in to unload tractors. We will need people to drive people from the truck/trailer parking lot back to Avery exhibitor registration in the Expo Building. We will need people to guide tractors and steam engines and all other Avery equipment to its designated parking areas. We will also need help in the Expo Building at the registration table on Friday and Saturday throughout both days, selling show merchandise during the whole weekend starting Friday morning, and assisting Richard Birklid on the Literature displays.

    There is no sign up sheet so if are looking for a job to do during the show just come out to the Expo Building on Thursday or Friday and possibly earlier in the week if you are coming to the show early in the week. Put in a half hour, put in an 8 hr shift. Whatever time you want to give will be greatly appreciated!!!!!

    Thank you to all! Sharon Biewer
  5. crystalaakre

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    Thanks Sharon! I posted this on the WMSTR facebook page, so hopefully we can round you up some helpers. People are always asking for things they can help with, so I try to direct them as much as possible. See you soon! :)
  6. M Kerkvliet

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    Sharon, Ricky, Gary, Matt.... whomever...

    Is there going to be someone from your committee on the grounds this coming weekend starting on Friday, to let folks know where to, and where not to park equipment that is being pulled out this weekend?

    Not sure how many Avery pieces are on the grounds already, but they should be parked where you want them, and in the mad rush on Saturday when all of the smaller gas tractors come out you could end up with your space filled with brand X equipment.

    If there cannot be anyone there, be sure you get in touch with Jerry and Pete Mandt so the know where to do what! They are both on the forum under their own names.

  7. tractorfamily4

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    Thank you Crystal!!!
  8. tractorfamily4

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    OK Mark! Thanks! Sharon
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    Well, the Year of the Bulldog is done and was really a fun ride! Exhibitors were great and the weather was great. Couldn't have had it much better! Thanks to any and all that helped during the show!! Sharon
  10. M Kerkvliet

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    ... and thank you Sharon, Gary, Matt, Rick, Jim, and whomever else was responsible for bringing in all of that equipment for an outstanding feature!

    I was really surprised by the quantity, and the quality of the exhibits that were brought together for the show! I was proud to have a tiny part of it just because I am lucky enough to operate an Avery engine at the show. If I were an owner, I cannot imagine a better honor to be part of a get-together of other Avery owners than the one you folks were able to put together this past weekend!

    Congratulations committee members! :congrats::congrats::congrats::congrats::congrats:

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