WMSTR Website - Submitting Volunteer Hours


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Note to All Members (and please pass this on to those that do not post here) - We has a members page where you can record the hours you work during the off-season (hours must be recorded by August 20th for online inclusion), along with other great tools. Taking care of your hours during the off-season helps keep your hours current when registering, and also help with a massive amount of data entry the week before the show.

It's quite simple to add your hours. Simply go to http://www.rollag.com and login with your member account. If you have not set one up yet, click the link to do so. You will need your membership number to register. Once you have logged in, click on Member Tools at the top to add your hours, register your parade exhibit, or update your personal information! By moving some of the paper-base tasks to online, we can cut down our cost for postage, use of trees and process updates more quickly!

Just a quick note on how to stay current on your information! Please email tim@rollag.com with any website related questions! Thank you for your hard work!

See you on the Hill!