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    Like Tracy posted earlier just to get a head start on the show this year.
    Almost all the food stands are in need of help. I know Liz was running around last year at the show to find people to scoop ice cream so the stand could stay open. Great job Liz!!! The food stands are looking for 2 hour shifts. If you want to stay longer, I am sure no one will turn you down. :) This is a great way to get the younger members helping through out the show.
    I know the TMB had 3 boys around 10-13 come and help us. They did phenomenal!!!
    Even if you are helping in another part of the show please consider taking on a shift at one of the shows many food/ice cream stands.

    Any thoughts on how we can get more help for the stands! Ilene Osten and I would appreciate any suggestions.

    Thank you to all that already are helping at the stands!
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    How do people feel about creating signup sheets online pre-show to get the ball rolling and see where we need help? (and where to send people looking for work) Could we start the signup sheets that we have in admin in google drive or something and then close them the week before the show before they are printed for admin? Just a thought....

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