Who's Motorcars?

Discussion in 'Motorcars' started by CaseyD, Mar 18, 2007.

  1. CaseyD

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    I had seen those little motor cars flying all around last summer, while the 353 was being repaired, so it rose the question: who's motor cars are they? Do people bring them in, and get to run them as they please?
  2. 40avery

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    WMSTR owns two. One unrestored or semi- restored and the one that has the "God Bless WMSR on the front of it. The rest are private owner that people bring in to display at the show or leave on the show grounds and use during the year. All of the private owners are careful to watch the activities on the rails during the show and have found some important defects before they became problems.

    Hauling passengers comes first. The private owners that display cars will follow the 353 around. They helped out a lot when the 353 was down because they actually started hauling passengers around the grounds. They did not have much volume but they kept up activity and interest in the rail display.

    I will contact some of the private owners and see if we can get them to post some things here.

    Good question Casey.
  3. COMP

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    any luck ????

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