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    Over the weekend I was on the hill. There was a bunch of projects going on all over the hill. I got some pictures of the things I got into. We built some rafters for a building in the gas engine area, and put tin on the water pump shed. I made my way into the new building (the new information building) and saw that some people were doing electrial work in there. I've got acouple photos that I'll get up when I get a chance.
  2. wifyan

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    some photos

    Here are some pics I snapped from the weekend. I forgot to take some before photos. Here is the waterpump roof that we put on. We wanted to finish the end wall, but 4 inches of rain changed our plans. [​IMG]

    We ended up putting the fascia board on the west side of the roof

    Here are the rafters that are going to the gas area. Maybe Mark or somebody could fill me in on this one

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    Everything looks good Yancy!

    It was not the best weekend for any kind of outside work. I think there was over 5" of rain that fell from Friday night to Sunday afternoon. People were telling me that they have never seen so much water on the show grounds as there was during the Sunday morning event. The roads on the grounds are a mess! The turntable pit is full of water... right to the top!

    I should be running around taking pictures to post here, but I have been so busy on weekends that I have not had any extra time to do that. I encourage everyone who is working on a project on the grounds to try to get some pictures to post here, or at least write up a short note about what you have been up to. We (admin staff on this site) do get a lot of positive comments from people who check the site to see what is going on, on the hill!

    We are getting very close to show time, and there are a lot of folks showing up on the grounds every weekend now to get there hours in, and help get some of these projects buttoned up! Last weekend there were well over 100 volunteers there! Things were being accomplished that we didn't even know needed to be done!

    That all being said, there is still a lot of work to be done. We have a LOT of painting to do. Lets hope the weather cooperates in the two weekends we have left before show time.
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    The four new rafters are for the addition to the 150 Snow Building. They will go over the new gas engine that is being set up there. Most of the big heavy work is completed on the engine assemble. Jim Johnson and I are looking for some interested people who would like to help with this addition. We plan to start saturday morning and will try to get as much done as we can this weekend. This is a 16 foot addition so shouldnt take long to do. This building also has a low roof height so we dont need to get to far off the ground. So if you would like to help come around Saturday morning.

    Thanks Keven

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