The porter it runs!

Jerry Christiansen

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Hi Spencer,

Why should any of us believe that the 353 wasn't pushing?!?!?!?

Seriously, GOOD WORK RAILROAD CREW!!! I hope we get to see the Porter pulling cars all weekend.

Jerry Christiansen

M Kerkvliet

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The little engine that could!

Congratulation's Spencer! I know that you were really involved in the porter project! I actually got teary eyed watching the video... I am soooo happy for the whole RR crew! :congrats:

Thank you so much for posting the video!


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Great Job

Congratulations Railroad Crew!
The Porter is no longer the "The Little Engine That Could", but is now "the Little Engine That Can!"


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The way the Porter runs is the sum total of all who've laid hands on her. A big Thanks to EVERYBODY that worked on the old girl!....Pete Deets


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What Pete failed to mention in his post is that he made a special trip from the middle of cheeseland at Jerry's request to help us with the timing. His expertise in timing the engine is one reason the 3 was running around this year. Thanks for your time and patience Pete!