The Nebraska engine

karl stange

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i know tim moen has planned for a sorting party this coming memorial weekend for this engine and the rest of the engines that are there.

not sure if i'll be there this coming memorial weekend because of family committments, otherwise, i'll be on the hill.

i brought out 4 pallets this past weekend to store "found" engine parts on and planning to bring more.

we have permission from kevin and jim withers to use as of right now four of the recently discarded heavy timbers and possibly more. thank you kevin and jim withers!:dancingparty:


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Line Truck

It was good to see the LINE TRUCK pictured and ready to do some work on this project. It in itself is a part of history that should be preserved one can see what has happened to the NEBRASKA ENGINE!!!
Lets look at some type of inside or at least covered storage for it.

Jim out west:):)

Tim Moen

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Memorial Weekend.

I am sorry for the short notice here. I wasn't sure what time I would be available this weekend. I am promised out for a few things this weekend that my wonderful daughters have been patiently waiting for. (it has to do with Steamer Hill so I'll be on the grounds). I have pictures (thanks to Karl) for a few to have fun and look for the small parts. Need a crew to give the boom truck a little help. (talk to me)- Need some good chains. If anyone has BIG wrenches in their tool kit, we need those. Jacks, BIG pry bars and some blocking would be a BIG help. (thanks to Withers Inc. we have some big help there). ---- Saturday Morning 9 or so lets meet at the Nebraska to group and BS. Anyone got a BIG coffee pot? I'll check here and PM tomorrow morning for any questions or comments. Serious questions call 218-766-5265. Thank you all, Tim


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Nebraska Progress

Should have posted these a few weeks ago.
The Nebraska engine is still progressing, these came during Steam School weekend, sorry for the quality, only had a disposable camera. At this point we haven't moved the engine, we filled in the ditch so we could work on high ground, what you can't see is the hand dug ditch behind it that weaves it's way through the Porter frame.
I have'nt been able to come back up sine Fathers Day but am planning on being back next weekend and have no idea what has happened since. Tim check your PM and give me a call.

M Kerkvliet

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GScott;8338 said:
Just wondering where this project is at since nobody has posted on it for quite some time?
Only 2 years!

Not sure if any of the principals who started it are still interested. I have heard nothing about it at the board level for a very long time.

I really think we need to get some of the other projects done (Soo engine, Baker Depot, etc.) before we start new ones, but thats just my opinion...


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Well, 2 years and 3 months.
Most of what was done at the time was to determine if it was worth saving, trying to find all the parts in the weeds, and just clean up the area.
The valves and cylinder head appeared ok after all those years.
Other projects came up in the mean time that took up our time, the machine shop, 2nd blacksmith shop. Maybe we should get back together next spring and come up with a plan, or at least a different place to store it.

Andy J