Thank You to members who helped during 2018-19 Work Saturdays

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  1. Lynette

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    A BIG THANK YOU to all of you faithful members who helped on Work Weekends at Larson Welding this past year. The show's 50 Case now has a new boiler and bunkers, all new plumbing, and new grates and flues. Two new trucks were made for the Ortner railroad,also a new arch was made for turntable
    There are 50 additional garbage rings assembled for showgrounds..
    There also were many other projects that have been worked on.

    The 50 HP Case will run during Steam Up on April 13th at the Shop, Larson Welding.

    A huge THANK YOU to each of you who helped with these jobs; you are appreciated!
    Sincere thanks,

    Jim Briden
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  2. Jerry Christiansen

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    Jim and Lynette,

    I wish I could say, "You are welcome" for more than the 2 hours I was there on one weekend. I am sure that others had busy schedules as well and were not able to do as much as they wanted to.

    A big THANK YOU to the Larson Welding crew that lets us come in the shop and play. Friday afternoon paying projects get pushed outside and our 'stuff' comes in to be worked on. Then sometime before Monday morning the 'stuff' goes back outside and the paying projects come back in. That is a lot of work. I am sure the Larson crew has to do some searching for several days to figure out where we put some of their things.

    Thanks again,
    Jerry Christiansen
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  3. Ray Wangler

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    I need to echo Jerry (much as I hate to even agree with him!). We are truly blessed by the gift we get from Jim, Lynette and the rest of the Larson Welding crew for letting us play in their work area. Those Saturday's now rank amongst my favorite Rollag experiences. Thanks to the Briden's for the shop, and all those that work to finish projects for the show.

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