Spring Meeting 2019!

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  1. Jerry Christiansen

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    Hi all,

    As usual we have derailed this thread for awhile, I am as guilty as the next for doing that.
    Let's see if we can get back on track for a post or two. :)...

    The latest WMSTR Newsletter has the schedule for the Spring Meeting.

    9:00. . . Prony Brake
    . . . . . . . TOC Horse Area

    9:30. . . Case Expo 2019 (1 hr)
    . . . . . . . Stationary Steam
    . . . . . . . Gas Engine (1 hr)

    10:00. . .Steam and Gas Tractors
    . . . . . . . . Merry Go Round

    10:30. . . Railroad
    . . . . . . . . Pioneer Village

    11:00. . . Ladies
    . . . . . . . .Construction
    . . . . . . .. Ortner Train

    12:00. . . Banquet

    1:00. . . . Spring Meeting

    Make plans now to attend, see you then and there.

    Jerry Christiansen
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  2. Ned

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    Not to pick on you ok maybe just a little bit. Maybe you should have added a location and a date.
    Just a suggestion
  3. Jerry Christiansen

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    Hi Ned and everyone else,

    I did that on purpose so that someone would ask. If you believe that, I have several bridges for sale . . . . :)...

    We will meet at the Hawley Lutheran Church on April 6, 2019. That is the same place the Annual Meeting has been held for the last several years.

    I hope to see a lot of you then and there,
    Jerry Christiansen
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  4. craig mattson

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    Thanks for spreading the word out Jerry! Looking forward to getting together with everyone and discussing plans for this spring so we can hit the ground running soon as the weather permits
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  5. Jerry Christiansen

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    Hi all,
    We had a great day filled with meetings and making plans yesterday.
    I attended the Prony Brake and Stationary Steam meetings. The second meeting got done about 10:30. I walked into the main hall and took the pictures below.

    The east row of tables.

    The west row of tables. It may not look like a lot of people came. Remember, at least two break out meetings were taking place at this time. At the far end of the hall there were two tables full of 'healthy food', coffee and water.

    I turned farther to my left from the last picture and caught these folks in action. Tom H's crutch is in the background. He went in for some landing gear work earlier this spring and is sporting a new knee.

    I turned all the way around. Nick and Andy are solving the world's problems. Sid is getting ready to take a picture. Phil is coming up to say hi. In the background Leah is busy registering people and selling lunch tickets.

    The Case Expo folks brought the raffle tractor to show it off.

    I don't think the picture does justice to their work. This tractor looks GREAT! Tickets were available during the day. Find a Case person, I am sure they will sell you several.

    I panned around the room as I was sitting at my table and took the three pictures below.



    We had finished eating and were waiting for the meeting to start. A lot of information was shared.
    Features for the next few years are:
    2019 . . . . Case
    2020 . . . . Otto Engines
    2021 . . . . Oliver / Hart Parr
    2022 . . . . Rumley
    2023 . . . . ??
    2024 . . . .John Deere

    Please note that 2023 is open. If you are a 'something' enthusiast, this is your opportunity to talk with your fellow enthusiasts and offer to head up the feature.

    Nick O got to break some big news for the 2022 Rumley feature, Kerosene Annie will be coming to Rollag. I didn't know what that was all about either. I had seen a thread on SmokStak, but hadn't read it. Nick referred to that discussion. You can view the thread here: https://www.smokstak.com/forum/showthread.php?t=168043&highlight=kerosene+annie

    Jerry Christiansen

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