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    Hi all,

    Deciding what to put on the Souvenir Plate for the Case Expo took place last fall. Not so long ago Ron R sent a picture of the die.


    Before you get excited and point out that is backward, the die is a mirror image of the stamped item. Only the center changes each year. The printing around the out side is on a separate piece.

    We set up to do the final 'tuning' on the die 25 April at Peter K's shop.


    Ron is sliding the assembled die is put in the press while Merle watches to see when it is centered.

    Ron got the honor to pull the lever and form the plates.


    The first 2019 Souvenir Plate featuring the 930 Case.


    The picture quality isn't very good, but you can see the front and back of this year's plate.

    Jerry Christiansen
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    I can place the names, but not the faces. It must be my old age.

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