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  1. karl stange

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    The Johnson Pavilion was the only one which "self cleaned" itself.
    We all were relieved to see this and commented how the greater pitch of the roof along with a metal roof is how buildings need to be built on the grounds.

    The Hegland building roof had deep drifts on the down wind side.
    (When I arrived the crew was finishing clearing off the Park building roof).
    This picture was taken after the Park building roof was finished. Taking a break and deciding where to go from here.
    We next went along Main St. and found the snow depth on the roofs was not as deep as we thought. We then moved into the woods.
    At the end, about an hour before leaving, the storm was coming in with rain and everyone was soaked by the time we all loaded up to go home.
    I want to thank everyone involved who came out to do this unglamorous, physically demanding job.
    This is Duane H's photo from facebook of everyone who helped. The only one missing is Elaine E.
    Thanks again everyone!
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  2. karl stange

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    Mark K, just now, talked me through how to post all photos into one post from my phone, from here on.

    Thank you Mark!
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  3. karl stange

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    Wanted to see if I learned anything from my conversation with Mark.
    Ha ha.

    This is the West side of the Blacksmith Shop having the snow cleaned off the roof.

    Looking at the North side of the little Sawmill building. The snow on both sides of the roof was in the process of sliding off. I went over and knocked down what was overhanging and what I could get to over the porch area of the building to lighten the load on this part of the roof. (We should think about adding a few more support posts in this area).

    A view of the West side of the Johnson Pavilion. So thankful this building "self cleaned" itself. Lots of snow came down. Wish I would of been there to see this happened.

    Thanks Mark! I think I learned how to post multiple photos from my phone now, you're a good teacher!

    Again... Thank You, to everyone who came out to help.
    We saved the buildings as best we could.
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  4. JLWithers

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    Thanks everyone. And especially thank you Karl for getting that all lined up and the pictures.
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  5. Jerry Christiansen

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    Wow! A big THANKS to a crew that put in quite a day.

    Did the crew clean the snow of the
    tarp lean-to by the Prony Brake and support the broken rafter?
    We will need to call in a team of engineers to determine why the failure happened. Then we will contact our insurance company to make sure we have enough coverage to repair the damages. ;)...

    Jerry Christiansen
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  6. craig mattson

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    Huge thank you to all those who made this project happen! Quite the feat indeed. Been many long days at work doing the same with our buildings. Spring is near though and before you know it we will be getting ready for show time! Thanks again to all involved!!
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