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    OK folks. Winter has been pretty good to us but I think we still need a diversion about this time of year. Following Will be two posts. The first one will be a list of trade names from the 30's era. The second will be a list of products to be matched up to the trade names. The problem here is I have no key of correct answers. I have researched some and firmly know some of the matches. Others are not so distinct. Research carefully and be sure of the match up and maybe we can get a good key for this list in the end!

    Happy researching! This should be a good conversation opener for all of us that have relatives and friends that may remember some of these.
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    1.) U.S. Royal 2.)De Laval 3.)Dow 4.)Karo 5.)Dupont 6.)Sanka 7.)Bond Super Powder 8.)Willard 9.)Alemite 10.)Black Leaf 40 11.)Schrader 12.)Raybestos 13.)Fels-Naptha 14.)Nordge 15.)Apex 16.)Presteline 17.)Blue-Jay 18.)Pabco 19.)Pequot 20.)Admiration 21.)Mirro 22.)Boss 23.)Fisk 24.)Monroe 25.)Shinola 26.)Swan 27.)Cat's Paw 28.Ipana 29.)Ipana 30.)Western 31.)Prince Albert 32.)Gem 33.)Busch
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    A.)Flashlights and flashlight batteries B.)Sheep dip C.)Rubber heels and soles D.)Automobile batteries E.)Weed Killer F.)Stainless steel milkers G.)Gas Ranges H.)Electric Vacuums I.)Electric ranges J.)Linoleum floor coverings K.)Sheets and pillow cases L.)Instant coffee M.)Nylons by mail N.)Kerosene ranges O.)Tractor tires P.)Gas Heaters Q.)Syrup R.)Shoe polish S.)Rat poison T.)Cameras U.)Tire valves and caps V.)Rubber Work Boots W.)Toothpaste X.)Brake lining Y.)Aluminum cooking utensils Z.)Laundry detergent AA.)Motor oil BB.)Corn plasters CC.)Hog feeds DD.)Pipe tobacco EE.)Razors and razor blades FF.)Ammunition GG.)Face soap

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