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    Hello all!

    My name is Rachel Young and I usually hang around Jerry Christiansen during the show and go to work-weekends during the summer. I think I’ve been a member since 2009 and have been coming to shows since 2008. I'm 16 years old and I like to sew in my free time. I've probably been sewing for about 10 years now... (my grandma taught me a very long time ago and has reinforced it many times :) ) I also work/volunteer in the costuming departments of various theaters. I usually make costumes for the show if I'm working at a stand or something that I won't get too dirty. Over the years, I’ve accumulated many costumes that I’ve made. My question is would there be any interest to have a walk-through of how to make some of these costumes? Sewing and Rollag has become a passion for me and I would like to share that. They would involve pictures and advice on patterns, types of fabrics, etc. It may also include pattern reviews, various things I take into consideration when making a costume, and historical accuracy (which I sometimes throw out the window with certain things, *cough* buttons... :) ). I've noticed that there are not many forums for this kind of interest.

    If you know someone who would be interested, if you’re curious about what all goes into costumes, or you want to learn how to make these, let me know!

    Have a great day!

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    Hi Rachel,
    Just thought I'd say thanks for your passion and interest. I would be a terrible costume creator, but I enjoy the folks that dress in period clothing during the show which makes things a little more authentic. It always amazes me to hear of all of the different things happening behind the scenes to make the show so much fun! Keep on sewing! I'm not sure about who you hang out with, although Jane needs a break once in awhile! :rof:
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    Thank you for your comment! I agree that it makes the show feel authentic. I like that even though I live in MO I can keep up with the happenings in the Rollag community. The internet is a great thing :)

    Again thanks for your comment!
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    Rachel -
    If you are still interested doing in this, please email me at I would like to meet up with you on the hill and discuss an idea with you.
    Stephanie Poegel

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