Save that fat!


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:help2: Calling all deer and bear hunter (or husbands/wives of deer and bear hunters) Please save your fat from your animals this year. If you don't want to render it down, throw it in an unscented garbage and and put it in your freezer. I'll come and get it.

The same is true if you are butchering a steer or hog.

M Kerkvliet

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Bumping this thread as "tis the season"!

I have had one request for information on how to get hold of Sarah regarding deer fat.

You can PM her or simply reply to this thread to make arrangements!


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Thanks Mark for the bump :thumb:When you get that fat, take Mark's advice-either reply here or send me a message. We really need the fat this year, so we don't have to buy any. I'll be happy to take it unrendered or rendered. Thanks everyone!


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Sarah - sent you a PM - Heart of Lakes in Pelican Rapids is willing to donate whatever they can ( they have a 55 GL drum set up to donate and will ask customers that don't want the fat if they want to donate also).... they figure in very short order they will have it filled - they just ask that you pick up when its full ( it takes up space).... Have another meat locker willing to do the same - so let me know and i can put you in touch with both places so you don't have to purchase this year hopefully! :)


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I have three bags of pork fat that needs to be rendered. I saved it for Rollag soap though!


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Sarah -
I have 2 packages of pork trimmings/fat that I plan to bring to the October meeting if you will be there.