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Reminder of guidelilnes

Discussion in 'Site Questions' started by 40avery, Apr 1, 2007.

  1. 40avery

    40avery Mega Poster Super Moderator WMSTR Lifetime Member

    Please keep our guidelines (posted at the top of this forum) in mind as you post on this forum. One update in our guidelines is not to post anyone’s personal information. (Telephone numbers, addresses, etc.) If someone wants any of their personal information posted they should do it themselves. Thanks for your cooperation. The forum is shaping up nicely and we are pleased with the posts of all that have contributed.
  2. the_nelsons58

    the_nelsons58 Junior Poster WMSTR Lifetime Member

    Rollog leaves

    There was a fellow how had a post about leaves this fall on the fourm but do not find it now. We are to go to work about a week after the first hard freeze. He was looking for help with that detail and so am I.
  3. 40avery

    40avery Mega Poster Super Moderator WMSTR Lifetime Member

    I think this is the thread you are looking for. You can send slugger a private message by clicking on the "members list" above and go to his user profile. Click on send private message and you can send a message direct to him. Otherwise post in the thread and I am sure he will get a hold of you.


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