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Discussion in 'Prony Brake' started by Cody I, Oct 4, 2009.

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    Who was running the prony brake on day 3 (Sunday Sept. 6th) of the show this year? I tested my '36 JD A that day in the late afternoon/evening. I was very impressed with the way he ran the prony brake and explained everything in detail to the crowd. Wish I would have been able to talk to him more after I got done, he did an awesome job.:congrats: By the way if anyone is wondering, the old "A" made 24.5 HP on the belt.
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    Some of the Prony Brake crew doesn't have internet access. On behalf of the operator that day, Thank you for letting us know that you liked how your tractor was treated at the Brake. I will pass the word on to the other operators.

    We are very lucky to have Amos Rixmann teach us about Brakes and how to operate them. Amos was an excellent Brake operator and showman. With his knowledge of tractors, enignes and engineers Amos could entertain and teach a crowd all day.

    Jerry Christiansen

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