Pre-show wood cutting

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  1. Ned

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    There will be a pre show wood cutting day on August 18th. Starting around 8am ish Rollag time to try to beat the heat of the day

    If you burn wood either in a steamer or elsewhere on the show ground you are encouraged to help restock the wood supply!!
    If you are looking to get your hours in before the show this is also an excellent opportunity to do so. We have positions opens for all skill levels!!!

    We are looking for people that have a log splitter and or a longer bar chain saw please bring them
    If you don't have either of those and would like to help it is highly recommended to bring gloves, safety glasses and maybe hearing protection.

    If this weekend doesn't fit into your schedule and you would still like to get your hours in cutting wood please feel free to do so at anytime

    Erik "Ned" Mars
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  2. RickW

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    Much splitting to be done. What had been left in steam circle by TMB as of a few weeks ago got cut, along with most of what remained o f the giant cottonwoods. All needs splitting, and MANY slab bundles remain to be cut. Will do my best to be there to help.
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  3. Ned

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    Good to hear Rick!!
    The more hands we have helping means a light work load for all.
    I will try to have some of the show owned equipment ready the night before ( forklift and splitter). Please if you have personal equipment please bring that too

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