Prayers for Ray?

Ray Wangler

Intermediate Poster
WMSTR Lifetime Member
On a much less urgent need than many requests people have, I'd appreciate any prayers you might offer for me. Monday, 11 days before the show mind you, my arm gets infection and by Thursday, 8 days before the show, I end up in the hospital. It sounds like I'll be discharged Saturday not sure of restrictions. So, when you hit your knees, i'd certainly appreciate an honerable mention. Thanks again.

Darren Gunderson

20 Minneapolis #8702 Crew
WMSTR Lifetime Member
Well that is good to hear that they let you out. Yes, take care of yourself. Looking forward to being there in a few days.

karl stange

Mega Poster
WMSTR Lifetime Member
Good to hear Ray they let you out without a straight jacket... bwah ha ha ha.
Seriously, take care and safe travels.
See you soon.