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Hello all,
I am trying to locate a number of pictures that would be digitized and put into posters. Someone must have in a box at home photos of the 353 when it first came to the hill and all the work that went into it.

We could do posters of bad days llke when the 353 makes a left turn?

I know there are some great photos out there and we need to get copies and post them so everyone can enjoy them.

Let me know what you all think


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Great Idea,

I have some but will have to dig to find them. I don't know when I might get time to do that but I will try.


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I'll look around and see what I have too Jeff... but watch out for Mr. Asher! He doesn't seem to like the left turn pictures! :eek:


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Check the 1978 Showbook page 193, 2001 page 147, 1979 Page 177, 1982 Page 18, 1995 Page 113

Carl Stange has all the old Show photos that he was going to scan in for me.