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Discussion in 'The Porter' started by Colin Farquhar, Jul 4, 2015.

  1. Colin Farquhar

    Colin Farquhar Junior Poster

    Hi There:
    Being a (very) new member-what is the status on the Porter locomotive? I see photos here of it under steam a few years back, but didn't see it running at the 2013 show.

  2. Jerry Christiansen

    Jerry Christiansen Mega Poster WMSTR Lifetime Member

    Hi Colin,

    I am not certain, but I believe a dry pipe that runs inside the boiler is the problem. If I understand correctly, the pipe is compromised and allows water into the steam chest and thus into the cylinder. Repairs have been discussed, but are difficult because space does not allow the pipe to be removed in one piece. Because of its location, the pipe has to be an exact length.

    If this isn’t correct, I hope a railroad person will jump in and educate us all.

    Jerry Christiansen
  3. M Kerkvliet

    M Kerkvliet WMSTR Past President Administrator WMSTR Lifetime Member

    Vern is on from time to time and is very aware of this issue. I am certain he will educate us all!

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