Porter Electrical System

M Kirschenman

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One of this winter's projects is to fabricate the missing components for the lighting on the Porter's water column. I found enough pictures and drawings in Locomotive Cylcopedia 1941 to work with, but I'm not sure what voltage she uses. Does anyone know what the turbogenerator is set up for?

Pyle national lists 24 & 32 VDC as standard voltages, with 64 110 and 220 avaialble.

Also, just for curiosity, what does 353 run at?


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It is my understanding that the 353 is 32 volts.
I am unsure what the Porter is.


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32Vdc is the most common and just for voltage measurements pipe it up to air as they don't take much to spin up under lite (as opposed to light:rof:) loads.....Pete Deets