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Discussion in 'WMSTR PROJECTS' started by mrnewway, Aug 2, 2009.

  1. mrnewway

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    In the gas engine area a number of the buildings are in need of paint.

    The OTTO Building, DeLevern Building, 150 Snow Building and the Gas Engine Get Goers Building.

    All need presure washed prior to paint so If anyone has a pressure washer and could spend some time on this task it would be very much appreciated.

    I plan being on the hill August 14 or 15 to help with the painting, Just had to take a break from the building project but will be back.

    One more thing does WMSTR have a air less paint sprayer?? It would help with the painting.

    Missed Betty's and Marge's sweets from the Famous Mercantile Bake Shop, the coffee is also good it is said it will put hair on your chest anyway thats what I was told.:rof::rof:

  2. M Kirschenman

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    Pressure Washer and Paint sprayer

    I have both a gas and an electric pressure washer available for use.
    I also have a professional grade airless paint sprayer.

    All three will be avaialble at the machine shop from this Saturday until the show. I'd be happy to help anyone who wants to use them get set up.

    They are normally kept locked up in the back room of the machine shop - I'll make sure one of the directors, probably Mark Kerkvleit, knows where they (and the assesories) are at.

    I do recall the show had an airless paint sprayer at one point that was kept in the maintenence building; I remember it being used to paint the blacksmith shop a few years back.

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