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May I please ask for someone from the Otto crew to reach out to me so we may get some content for the Rollag website early on, and update it over the 2020 year as new information is available?

Also - We'll want to ensure we get a list of exhibitors who would like to have their engines featured on the annual DVD. For those in the engine area, we'll need to coordinate this effort since trying to obtain a good recording with all of the engine noise in the background is nearly impossible, so we'll have to go somewhere more quiet to interviews.

Currently, the website has a basic detail of 'information coming soon' so if we can get up anything within the next few weeks, that would be excellent.

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Tim, I will help you if I receive anything. I have started to hound the gas engine area for information already for advertising (even if I don't continue to do print ads this year, I will use the info for facebook.)

Angela 'Cin' Schlieper is the chair person of the gas engine area and the feature is being headed up by Kevin Withers @ottocollection , Jeff Withers, Jeremy Withers @JWithers & Jim Johnson @mrnewway