Organizing for 2013--Gaar Scott and Rollag #60

Bill Nelson

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We are forming two separate committees for 2013----one is the Gaar Scott owners and operators, and two is 60 years of Rollag Reunion.

The Gaar Scott group is self defined--by ownership or operating.

The second committee is in the process of getting organized---first meeting on Friday, August 3, 7:30pm, at either the Mercantile bldg or Administration bldg----which ever is not used by the reunion board. If you are interested, please come and get involved. If you are interested and can't make the Friday meeting, contact me and I will get you on the email list. Bill Nelson at 218-532-5193 or or


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I was just reading over the Gaar Scott feature info on the Rollag home page. and it lists Jerreds 40 twice as the "only one existing" it should read "one of 2 existing". the other one is in Yorkton, Saskatchewan. Owned by that branch of the Western Development Museum. Im not sure if its ran annually. but it had been run up till not very long ago. I'd post a couple pictures but im not on my computer