Norweigen book in Cormorant cabin

Discussion in 'Interpretative Centers' started by jsiirila, Jun 25, 2009.

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    I found a book written in 1878 in Norweigen in the Cormorant log cabin on the grounds during Steam School weekend. I would like to find someone who can interprete it so we can put in on display in the cabin when it is restored.

    As far as we can figure out, it is about the North Lutheran Church in American featuring Hans Nielsen Hauge (1771 to 1824). Published in Mpls by Prof Sverdrup of Djtedal (?) spelling.

    We also found another book, possibly a children's book of Bible stories also written in script in Norweigen.
  2. 40avery

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    I may have someone in Fergus Falls that could help you. I will try and get his contact information and PM you with it. Give me a few weeks and then bug me about it if I haven't come through.
  3. Jerry Mandt

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    My grandaughter Amanda Mandt can translate Norwiegan. She can be reached by calling her parents Peter and Vicki Mandt at 701 642 5050. Don't know if she has the time but I would sure ask her.

    Jerry Mandt

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