NEW Kid's SANDBOX in the the Big Boy's Sandbox!!! :)

Discussion in 'Construction Area Exhibits' started by jojo, Aug 17, 2015.

  1. jojo

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    I shared a post to the WMSTR Facebook group page - but not all are on Facebook so I thought I would post here too! A group of members ( I would love to name them all - But I was NOT there - I only saw what they did after they were gone) BUT I know that Cody Lapash, Troy Kind and Mark Eukel worked on Sunday and got a BEAUTIFUL LARGE sandbox built just north of the Sandbox Lunchbox in the Construction area. It is a PERFECT location - and will make it even more kid and FAMILY friendly up in the box. They have more plans to come for NEXT year that they can sure share with you all....

    ANYWAY - now that we have the sandbox with the sand - they are looking for donations of toys or cash donations to go towards the purchase of toys for this area. So check out your garages- maybe you have some toys your own kids/grandkids out grew and you want that space for winter??! ( UGH- WINTER!) - feel free to get in touch with this group if you have something you want to donate.... We did get an cash donation to purchase (4) of these...

    91iEEkQEHNL._SL1500_.jpg have up there - and will be there in time for this years show! If you have any thing you want to donate - I am sure you can find any of the guys up there - or any director and they can make sure it gets to where it needs to be - if you have a cash donation - just earmark it for this project and let me know and I can sure get it to them!

    THANK YOU to this group for coming up with a great idea and going forward with it!

    Maybe if someone can take some pics - and upload them here - that would be great! I haven't quite mastered how to share them from Facebook yet.... :(
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  2. Jerry Christiansen

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    Thank you for thinking of those of us that don't do Facebook. I saw one of those little diggers in the construction building. I am looking forward to seeing pictures. Will Mike Pelley be able to sit on one and operate it?

    Jerry Christiansen
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  3. cjmlarson

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    I too like things posted here since I do not do Facebook either.
    Thanks Jo:picture:
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  4. M Kerkvliet

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    Ditto... (Facebook)

    Very nice addition and I am told that the sand for the project was donated! Will try to learn more about that and give credit where credit is due!

  5. jojo

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    Bonnie Kreps- Eukel sent me this message: My son Cody (Lapash) and son in law Troy (Kind)and my husband Mark (Eukel) did the sandbox.Isnt that going to be nice! And once we get a shelter up there!!! It will be great.
    They paid for it all on their own as a donation. Brittany (Lapash -Kind) weed eated a little around the bathroom up there.We will be around working on the area in the next few weeks.

    So yes Mark - this was an ALL DONATED project!! If you see any of their crew around the grounds - say thank you to them! They are going to add gravel to the west of this for 4 picnic tables this year -and their plan is to build a shelter up there over ALL of it next year... BUDGET committee here they come! I told them it was in the works already... at least I think that was Gary Muhl's plan (at least it was in my pan anyway!) :)

  6. jojo

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    SANDBOX IMG_8242.jpg SANDBOX IMG_8243.jpg The sand for this project was donated from Asplin Excavating!! Thanks to them!
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  7. M Kerkvliet

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    Looks great, and I am sure it will be a HOT SPOT for all kinds of children visiting our show! I know where my grandkids will be!

    I know someone else who is smiling down on this project and his son right now... An old friend and construction area pioneer...

    From another thread here

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  8. s.d. jon

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    Larry Kind's Family is Beautiful! We appreciate the post also, as we don't do facebook. This is a wonderful addition to the Sandbox. As work progresses on it, we'd like to come help. Just keep posting what is needed and when. Great job.
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