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Discussion in 'Marion-Osgood Steam Shovel' started by cjmlarson, Nov 20, 2010.

  1. Ned

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    PLEASE feel free to post more pics!!
  2. cjmlarson

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    Please post what pictures you have here. We love all the visuals we can get .
  3. BtownBrown

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    image.jpg image.jpg
    These are the guys that ran the steam Shovel at Oolite Quarry in Battletown, Ky.

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  4. BtownBrown

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    I would like to add something interesting to the discussion about the concrete pad for the steam shovel. This shovel ran on solid rock most of it life in a rock quarry. The rock it quarried was limestone at Oolite in Battletown for Kosmosdale the makers of mortor mix and concrete. I am so proud to see this machine operate again.
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    Awesome pictures! Thank you for sharing!!!
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