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Discussion in 'Musical Instruments and Equipment' started by Lee, May 9, 2007.

  1. Lee

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    I was on my thinking chair this afternoon (930 Case),and thinking.In the mid to late 90's at the Nelson building,there was an gentleman that was playing something I had never seen before.He was seated and he would jig this "thing".It looked like a wood puppet and the feet would move.It is hard to describe but have always wondered if this was one of a kind or something that was popular long,long ago.Just curious.

    PS. Can you bring back the bagpiper?
  2. Kenronsberg

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    The gentelmans name is Earl Manny. I haven't seen him for quite some time. The little dancing guy had a name although I don't recall what it was. Earl was no kid, and the little dancing fella was a high school wood shop project. He also played the wash tub.
  3. Lee

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    Thanks for the reply.It seems like a long time ago but it sure was fun watching him on stage.
  4. Keith Johnson

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    That wooden puppet was a "limberjack". These originated in the appalacian mountains along with their style of old time music. You can do a search for limberjack and find out more.
  5. M Kerkvliet

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    I'm sure it wasn't the same guy, but there was a guy in Peasant Valley one of the nights I was down there who was playing a wash tub. First time I have ever seen on up close, or heard one! Kind of cool... I think I could master one of those.

    I also heard the bag piper from across the lake in Lower Lutefisk. I think he was playing amazing grace.
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