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  1. louie

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    My favourite part of winter is when it's over But not really if we didn't have winter we wouldn't have the fertilizer exchange/ donut tasting/sometimes we get some work done no we usually get a lot of work done that said this Saturday at Larson Welding in Fargo we have another chance at useless information exchange along with a few projects to do the pump drive for the loader failed repairs for that require transmission removal water truck needs to come in start disassembly in preparation for switching tank and pump to new chassis start preparing trailer for new pressure washer parts for tender trucks are here as far as I know to name a few I'm sure I have forgotten some So if you are interested this Saturday at Larson Welding Don't know if Chef Jerry will be cooking or not if not we can always have some excellent pizza and those out of this world donuts I am working on putting together a wall of ? for tasting portraits haven't got all details worked out yet but it will be worth honourable mention hope to see you there
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  2. Ray Wangler

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    Louie, this will be an exciting weekend for the “Ortner tender crew”. We have tons of machine work to do. If you read the results of the last work weekend we found some bad bearing boxes, axels that were worn down from the bearings, and even one wheel that had severe damage from those bearings! Not to worry, though, anything from a broken heart to the crack of dawn can be fixed at Larson Welding, and these parts are no exception!!! We’ll fix ‘em so good you’ll think you’re riding on air when you go around the track! Sanders Ellingson will be machining the bearing boxes and I’ll be butchering up the rest. Anyone is welcome to stop and see the progress and help reassemble once the machine work is complete.
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  3. louie

    louie Mega Poster WMSTR Lifetime Member

    It is always great to work with WMSTR members some of the finest people I know just got some great news this afternoon Chef Jerry will cooking lunch that is pretty hard to top a chance to rub elbows with some of the finest people around they have been known to tell a few stories that are kind of hard to swallow and to get a chance to partake in one of Chef Jerry's gourmet dinners listen to top notch information and work on projects for the show it doesn't get much better than that
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  4. Jerry Christiansen

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    Hi all,
    This time I remembered my camera and took some pictures. Merle M and I rode in together Saturday morning. We had to leave about 11:30 to take care of other things, so I can not give a final report of tasks accomplished.

    The boiler for the Merry Go Round came back in. The large opening was cut last month to remove the thin spots on the bottom.
    From a bit different angle.


    Below is the old smoke box and part of the smoke stack with one of the new pieces.
    As you can see, there wasn't much left of the old one.
    Ned is tacking the new pieces together.

    I suspect by the end of the day he had all the parts welded and complete.

    The pay loader was back in.

    If you look carefully in the top picture you can see the stub shaft in the picture below.

    That shaft is supposed to have splines on the inside that are supposed to run the hydraulic pump. You have probably figured out that the splines are shot. To replace the shaft the motor and transmission need to be removed so the transmission can be split.

    Two of the crew are shown below, Bryce and Seth H are removing the last of the wiring harness and hoses.


    Harris stopped by to inspect and advise.

    More later,
    Jerry Christiansen

  5. Jerry Christiansen

    Jerry Christiansen Mega Poster WMSTR Lifetime Member

    Hi all,

    Some more pictures from the January work weekend.

    A couple trucks from the Ortner.
    Notice that a couple of the wheel/axle assemblies are missing.
    Ray was over near a lathe doing something.

    Ray was busy chucking up one of the axles in the lathe. Rick W is looking on, or perhaps coaching.

    If you look close, you can see the axle stub and the wheel flange have been built up with weld. Now the welds is being machined down to make the stub and flange like new.
    Rick got Ray out of the way so progress could be made.

    Meanwhile, Saunders had been sent to the corner.
    With Knute's guidance, Saunders was working on another wheel/axle for the Ortner.
    Other parts of the Ortner tender were worked on, too.

    Howie, Kerry and Dan worked on the tender's water tank. They were getting the tender in position for the next step.
    Some folks thought they were designing some type of a preheater for the water in the tank. Howie explained they warmed up the corners to get all the moisture out. After cleaning the corners well, a sealant was applied to the inside of the tank.

    More in a bit,
    Jerry Christiansen

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  6. Jerry Christiansen

    Jerry Christiansen Mega Poster WMSTR Lifetime Member

    Hi all,
    Back with more.
    The Thirst Quencher was back in the shop.

    The chassis under the tank has been showing its age for some time. This weekend, the tank comes off.
    If the purpose is to remove the tank, I am not sure what fasteners Gary is expecting to find behind the headlights.
    This part of the crew was on the correct end of the truck using a hot wrench to get the tank ready for removal.
    A bit later in the morning and the tank was off the truck. Next the crew went to work removing the pump and other related parts. When I drove by the shop the next day, I saw the tank sitting on the 'new' chassis outside the shop. I suppose there is more work to do to finish the project.

    The plow came back in. About the time I was leaving (I had to leave before noon), I saw Hartley bringing more pieces in. I don't know what all got done on this.

    Clayton was busy working with wood this weekend.
    He was making patterns for some type of sproket, Merle is along side watching or coaching.

    Later Ray walked over from the lathe. IMG_4337.JPG
    Hopefully Clayton will explain what he was up to and what the next step is. I did not see the finished product before I left.

    Jerry Christiansen
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  7. Jerry Christiansen

    Jerry Christiansen Mega Poster WMSTR Lifetime Member

    Hi all,
    One last go around with my pictures.
    The running gear below is going to get a hot water pressure washer mounted on it. If anything was done on the trailer, I hope someone will tell us about that.

    Of couse, we had food.

    Louie showing off his breakfast.

    Chef Jerry in the kitchen.
    Two little boys getting caught with there hands in the cookie jar.
    Some of the world's problems being solved.
    More problems being solved.

    Hope to see everybody in February.

    Jerry Christiansen
  8. cjmlarson

    cjmlarson Mega Poster WMSTR Lifetime Member

    There will be info on what was being worked on for the Thick and Thin sawmill under that title.
  9. Ray Wangler

    Ray Wangler Intermediate Poster WMSTR Lifetime Member

    It may be time for self defense. Rick didn't want or need any of my advice, but when I nosed into his job he let me THINK I was important (good enough for me). As far Clayton's project goes, we needed 4 bifocals on it..........that's either eight focals, or two blind mice, not sure. Finally, you can clearly see me telling Clayton he's fat enough and doesn't need more on the hips. I ate my donut where no one could see it (until, of course, it showed up over my belt).

    Anyway, work on the Ortner trucks will continue in Feb and likely be completed then. We had a tremendously fun time, got lots of work done, and ate well. Thanks so very much to Jim, Lynette, and the rest of the Larson Welding gang for the hospitality, no possible way we could accomplish that much without them!
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