Minneapolis Steam Crew in Hopkins


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If you missed it, this past weekend Tom Dillon, Gerry Parker and Jeff Knutson were in Hopkins, MN giving an excellent presentation on the Great Minneapolis Threshing Machine Co., the work it takes to restore ancient steam traction engines, and representing our show!

They showed off the raffle tractor at the local farmers market and sold lots of tickets!

and it sounds like we have a lot of dedicated people at the Hopkins Historical Society that want to help promote our show and the hard work we do to preserve history at Rollag. Thanks guys!!

Also, I attached a brochure we printed up to give to visitors at the presentation - sneak peek of next year's Great Minneapolis Expo!



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when I was at the show I ran into a friend who I know has a collection of about 200 trs (heard that there are only 4 models he does not have) I asked if he was going to bring some of the collection up there next yr and he said yes

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The 2016 Expo crew is doing a great job promoting the event! I am happy to see the raffle tractor getting some miles on it and the exposure! That has not always happened. That not only sells more tickets, but also promotes the reunion.

Thank you Minneapolis Expo team members!

Great looking brochure Crystal! I really like the picture of the return flue and the UDLX together.