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Discussion in 'Prayer Forum' started by Ardene, Apr 18, 2018.

  1. Ardene

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  2. M Kerkvliet

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    Katy and I send our sympathy to the Bennet family.
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  3. Jerry Christiansen

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    Sympathy and prayers for the Bennett family from Jane and Jerry
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  4. Mike Bennett

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    Seeing as my father was always one to thumb his nose at regular convention, my family has no doubt that he may have had a hand in the happenings on the way to the cemetery..

    As we pulled up to the crossing, a fairly short MOW train was crossing (complete with a caboose). It slowed, came to a stop, and set the brakes one car (give or take) from clearing the crossing. The minister was red hot mad (so I've been told), however most of the family was laughing uncontrollably. Dad always did have the worst luck at that crossing...

    Thank you all for the thoughts and prayers in this difficult time.
  5. craig mattson

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    Thought and prayers for you and your family Mike
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