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    Hi All,

    As noted in the "Last Chance" thread, I left the March Work Weekend early. Bob J invited me to his shop to see the progress a crew has made on a sawmill. This sawmill is being restored and will go Fort Ransom this summer.

    Someone said, "If you don't have pictures, it didn't happen." Here is some proof.

    Some pictures as I walked around the sawmill.



    Some might be concerned that the Ford tractor is not large enough to run this machine. Bob assured me that not only did this mill have a special blade that didn't require as much horsepower as most mills, but this Ford was an exceptional machine that produced power equivalent to tractors 3X it size. Bob has never pulled my leg, so it must be true.


    Originally the power shaft did not have the short section with the double U-joints. Hopefully Bob will comment on why this was added.


    Mel R is running the sawyer lever. The goal for the day was to get to the point that they could run the carriage back and forth to see how things worked. The crew seemed pleased with the results. I know that sawmills are either left hand or right hand. Even though the blade isn't in place here, I am sure that someone can tell us which one this mill is and explain how they know.


    Every good project requires a bit of sit time.

    I don't know the correct name for the piece of equipment that was also in the shop and I don't have pictures of it. It is the machine the board is fed through for the next step. It rips the board correct width. Bob belted the Ford to that machine and a few board were run through it.

    Jerry Christiansen
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    Knowing weather it is a left hand or right hand mill is determined by standing in front of the sawers lever and face it, which ever side the saw blade is on then is the style of sawmill it is.
    For instance the B&R mill is a left hand mill. Earls mill is a left hand mill. Thick and Thin is a right hand mill. This mill in the picture would be a left hand mill.

    I presume the other piece of equipment you are referring to is called an edger.
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    Jonathon H was talking about this mill at the end of the last BoD meeting. Nice to see the progress on it. He also invited everyone to the Fort Ransom event(s) later this year, but I cannot remember the dates.

    Thanks for sharing Jerry!
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    Hi Clayton,

    Thanks for the explanation on right hand and left hand sawmills. Now I have to look at some sawmills and think about that.

    Jerry Christiansen
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    Fort Ransom Sodbusters Association

    July show is always the 2nd full weekend in July. (July 14,15, 2018)

    State Park fees are waived for the show. Show pass is $10 covers both days.
    Kids 12 and under -- free admission. See you there!

    September show is always the 1st full weekend after Labor Day. (September 7, 8, 2018)
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    Driveshaft U joint prevents pulling saw out of alignment.Mill is the last D.H. Roen family mill from the homesite.Very gratefully to Rhoda and Marty Euland family for entrusting us with the preservation of a great piece of history.Workers Dan Bergemman,Hartley,Mel,Gerry Nordick president of Sodbusters,Fuller,Ken Hendrickson Danny's
    Cousin,Jon Haux,Jim Briden,Neil Nelson,Jim RudlangJacob Berklid,Harlan Bernstein,Jerry C.Bob J. 52 inch blade 48 foot track,edger,cant table,log deck.Thanks to Danny this mill was found absolutely complete and well preserved except for the wood..has new ash husk support,all treated wood.
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