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Discussion in 'Merry Go Round' started by mgrlvr, Jul 25, 2007.

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    Hi! I would like make contact with a member regarding the merry go round. I'm updating the National Carousel Association's census for the merry go round. My last contact was Larry Longtine.

    I understand at least two of the horses on the carousel are new carvings. I would like to know which horses are the new carvings. The NCA is working on a Photo Show of this merry go round and we need this information to identify the new carvings. Also, who is the manufacturer of the portable boiler on display?

    Please contact me via this forum or at pwentzel@patrickwentzel.com

    Thank you.

    Patrick Wentzel
    NCA Director/Census Chairman
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    Thanks for your interest Patrick!

    I am not sure who exactly you should contact for the information you are looking for, but I will point someone in the direction of this thread to let you know. If that doesn't happen today sometime, I will find out for you Friday night at our board meeting.

    I am curious about the "photo show" you speak of. Is this something our organization could see when it is completed?

    Hang in there for just a little bit! We'll get you all of the contact information you need!

  3. mgrlvr

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    Merry Go Round Info Needed


    Hi! Thanks for the post.

    Yes, the NCA Photo Shows are posted on our website. I can post a direct llink when the PS is complete.

    The Photo Show will be available at:


    or throught the census at:


    Loved you Forum very much. You have great group of enthusists. My wife and I displayed some of my circus models at a tractor show in Paris, Ont this past June. We had a great time.

    Photos of my miniature circus exhibit on permanent loan to a museum can be found at www.patrickwentzel.com/Patrick/Circus

    We will take our grandsons to Camden Park in Huntingtion, WV today and tomorrow.

    I look forward to your reply.

    Patrick Wentzel
    National Carousel Association Director/Census Chairman

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