Long-term safe, dry storage (Re: Church pump organ)


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Regarding the safe storage and preservation of irreplaceable antiques in less than ideal storage locations, I wonder if the products from this company could help:


Basically they make huge plastic bags that can be zipped shut, and they also sell large bags/containers of water-absorbing desiccant. This storage apparently works even in damp locations like bare earth sheds since the desiccant keeps the objects dry inside the bag.

- Lay down the base plastic sheet.
- Drive vehicle onto base sheet.
- A soft fabric drop cloth is put over over the vehicle.
- A large container of water-absorbing desiccant is put in with the vehicle.
- The plastic bag is zipped shut over the drop cloth.

So, if these bags can be big enough for a car or van, it'd probably be big enough to fit a pipe organ or whatever else can't be put on display right at the moment. :thumb:

The zippered poly bag is said to have a lifespan of at least 10 years, and the desiccant can be reused, by putting it in a household oven and baking the moisture out of the pellets. So this could be a low-cost antiques protection that could be reused over and over, if the storage buildings are not in good shape.

- Dale