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Discussion in 'Steel Wheel Tractors' started by S.Simons, Feb 10, 2008.

  1. S.Simons

    S.Simons Junior Poster

    I have visited WMSTR for the last 6 years and it seems like a requirement that I attend every year. As I build up vacation from my job, I would like to start exhibiting and participate in the show preparations. There is a Lauson 20-35 that sets by Earls mill that doesnt seem to ever move during the show, does it belong to someone or does someone need assistance in running it. Steve Simons
  2. M Kerkvliet

    M Kerkvliet WMSTR Past President Administrator WMSTR Lifetime Member

    Welcome to the WMSTR Forum Steve! We are always happy to have more help on the grounds during the summer, and of course during the show.

    I am not sure about the status of the tractor you are asking about, but keep an eye on this thread and sooner or later someone will have some information. I am not sure if Merlyn Meyer has internet access from his "southern retreat", but I am sure he will be able to answer your question if nobody else can. You might send him a PM via this board to get a quicker response!

    Thanks for your interest!
  3. Brian K. Nelson

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    The Lauson tractor is privately owned by Merlyn's son Roger Meyer of Rollag. Roger has the same troubles as I have sometimes, more tractors than operators.;) Don't be bashfull if you want to drive a tractor..
  4. Merlyn Meyer

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    Lawson Restoration

    Roger and Sons have the Lawson at their home shop this winter and are in the process of cleaning, painting, and restoring to make it a good running show piece. Hopefully it will be back to the Show Grounds by next Summer.
  5. andymeyer

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    Yes the Lauson tractor me and my dad are painting and getting it all fixed up so it is parade ready. I am going to try to get some pictures for the forum on the tractor. And by the way im going to have it back to rollag by steam school weekend.

    Thanks: Andy Meyer
  6. cjmlarson

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    Andy, just was interested in knowing if you have a better time for me on the mill.That 5:30 in the evening is a little late in the day:biglaugh::hide:
  7. S.Simons

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    Andy, I hope you did a little research and got the right color scheme for this tractor. Looking forward to hearing it run. By the way I have 4 Lauson tractors. Steve ;) Is it still blowing and snowing up there yet ?
  8. andymeyer

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    Ya i think it is the right color becouse it is green and that what the old paint was.
  9. andymeyer

    andymeyer Intermediate Poster WMSTR Lifetime Member

    no now it is melting the 12 inches of snow. This lauson is a 16-32 not a 20-35.
  10. tractorfamily4

    tractorfamily4 Intermediate Poster

    Everyone is still waiting to see the finished product and as I heard from your paint man that it has been repainted again and is done, lets see some pictures! The Biewer's
  11. 40avery

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