Lake Region Line Truck

Discussion in 'General Construction Discussion' started by mrnewway, Oct 8, 2009.

  1. mrnewway

    mrnewway Mega Poster WMSTR Lifetime Member

    Not sure if this is the proper area to place this item??

    Would there be someone out there that would consider adopting this unit,

    It is a 1946 FWD ( FOUR WHEEL DRIVE ) that is the manufacture. line truck it was donated th WMSTR in about 1992 and I think it has been an orphan since then and needs some attention, It would make a very nice display and paraade item.:praying:

    I guess if no one comes forward I will make another attempt to purchase it.

    Had to delete my last comment or thought as some times the truth doesn't look good in public print.:tsk:

    Come on Guys lets step up and get this unit back to a operating unit.

    I have accomplished one thing so far with this truck at least it is undercover which is most likely the first time since 1992.:thumb:
  2. biofueler

    biofueler Junior Poster

    Im FROM the west coast. Where is this thing located, and how could one get it Home to Minnesota? I live in Hawley MN now, but from Poulsbo WA.
    Can you tell me more about this thing? What needs to be done? What costs are we looking at?
  3. mrnewway

    mrnewway Mega Poster WMSTR Lifetime Member

    Lake Region Line Truck

    The truck belongs to WMSTR it was donated in the early 1990's by the Lake Region Power Co. the same people that serve power to WMSTR.
    It is on the grounds and parked in the Johnson Brothers Gas Engine Pavilion. One of the request that I made when I offered my deal to the board on the building.
    As far as what does it need a good check out of electrical system , check out of Brakes major tune up. and just a good cleaning interior and exterior.
    Even though I am looking at downsizing what I have at WMSTR, this is a project I would like to see as a workimg display to show how the power co's did thier work in the early 50,s. And it is history.
    If you or anyone else would be willing to work on this project I will do what I can to get the needed parts and it should not be a problem as it belong's to WMSTR. Just another of the pieces of equipment that got neglected.
    I will infact try to get a buget request in so there is some funds to get starrted this spring.:praying::praying:
  4. biofueler

    biofueler Junior Poster

    Working on the Four Wheel drive

    I'd like to be involved.
    I actually made the new signs on the Johnson Bro's Gas Engine Pavilion building.
    I'd like to be involved in this. I'll be researching the unit on the internet to see what I can find out about it ahead of time.
    Looks like an interesting product.
  5. mrnewway

    mrnewway Mega Poster WMSTR Lifetime Member

    Lake Region Line Truck

    Biofueler: Thanks for the sign's, They made my year complete.
    I have been interested it the truck for years but one can only do so much, and maybe this is what I need a break shall we say.
    Keep in contact, The truck was run some in the summer of 2008 or 2007 when they tried to get some of the Nebraska engine out of the mud.
    Again I had to deleate my last thoughts.
  6. mholm

    mholm Lifetime member

    Hi I would also be interested in helping if this is still a project that needs help, I'm just a 18 year-old but i enjoy doing these kinds of things. just let me know.
  7. mrnewway

    mrnewway Mega Poster WMSTR Lifetime Member

    Rea truck

    Biofuler and Mike:
    Thanks for the interest in the REA Truck I have my plate full and really want to take it easy when back there as I have other interest.
    Get ahold of any board member they should be able to direct you in the right direction.
    I wish both of you the best with this project, it will be nice to see it run and displayed again.:praying:
  8. Pbp665982

    Pbp665982 Junior Poster WMSTR Lifetime Member

    Lake Region Line truck

    Byron and i got it started by pulling it. It is now in the south end of the machine shop. But there are still no brakes!!

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