June 5th Allis Expo Meeting


WMSTR Lifetime Members
WMSTR Lifetime Member
Our next Allis Expo Meeting will be held June 5th (Breakfast on the Farm day) at 2pm at the Mercantile.

We will be unveiling the Allis Chalmers "B" Raffle Tractor that morning, and will be selling tickets on it for the first time that day. We will have a big photo shoot for this.

We need peeps to help sell raffle tractor tickets that day from 7am till noon, or so. Please let me know if your interested in helping.



WMSTR Lifetime Members
WMSTR Lifetime Member
June 5th Allis Chalmers Expo Meeting recap

We had Breakfast on the Farm at WMSTR June 5th 7am till Noon. We had the Raffle tractor up on the tractor turntable, and Jeff Lee, Rachel Baker, Tyson Sonnenberg and myself sold about 400 tickets that morning.

I showed the group the Allis Chalmers buttons Karen Stewart had made up. The buttons are the same ones we had in 1996. We had 500 non-number pins made up, and had 500 numbered pins made up. If you buy a toy tractor, you will be able to buy the same numbered pins as your toy tractor.

The AC sew on patches had not arrived yet, but they will be done this coming week.

The non-numbered AC buttons, and the Sew on Patches will be for sale at the Summer Meeting during Steam School.

I had the Steam forged plate on loan from Jerry Christenson we passed the plate around the group, everybody like the plate. The plate has a WD45 on it.

I had bought a 3x5 flag (off-white fabric with the older AC logo in orange and Navy) from the flag guy in Hutchinson, so I showed the group the flag, and we decided that we would get half the flags off-white fabric with the older AC logo in orange and blue, and the other half of the flags would be Orange Fabric with the AC logo in Navy blue. These flags will be put on the flagpoles in Expo. There will be a sign up sheet if you want to buy a flag or two of these flags after the show is over. The WMSTR members will have first chance, but sometime during the show we will let anyone have a chance to buy the flags. We decided that we would order 25 small flags with the newer AC logo on them to sell to WMSTR members first, then what was left we would sell to the general public.

The Toy tractor was also at the meeting. If you want to pre-register to buy one please contact Bob or Leaha Clarke, if you do not know how to get a hold of them, please email me. We are only selling 500, so get your name on one before they are sold out!

Wayne Nelson showed the print that will be the prize for the quiz we will be having in the Expo Building. People will be able to guess how much the tractors and implements in the expo building cost when they were new. We are looking for tractors and implements for this Allis dealership we are setting up in the Expo Building, and also we are looking for other Allis items to display in the building. Please let Wayne Nelson know if you have items you would like to display, or email me.

Our main discussion was on the AC Banquet.

WE NEED TO FIND PEOPLE TO SPEAK AT THE BANQUET…… is what was found out. I had made a call to Gilbert Vust from Canada he is a expert in Roto Balers, he told me he would have to get back to me if he could make it for the show. I have a few names of people to call to see about speaking. So if you know of someone who is knowledgeable in Allis Chalmers please bring their names to the next meeting. THIS IS YOUR HOMEWORK ASSIGNMENT.

For the AC Banquet will be doing a Pig Roast. Tyson Sonnenberg has 2 pig roasters; him and his father are willing to roast pig for us. So our menu will be Roast Pork Sandwiches, Scalloped potatoes, maybe some baked beans. Tyson will be getting the numbers put together for how much it will cost to Roast a pig, I will be getting other numbers for items, and next meeting we will figure out how much we will be charging for the tickets, and how many tickets we want to sell.

The Raffle tractor is available to be taken to your County Fair or other community events. All you need to do is let Roger or Merlyn Meyer or myself know when you want to take the tractor, and you can take the tractor, unless someone else is taking it someplace already. Please remember if you want the raffle tractor at an event, you need to take charge of getting the tractor and the tickets and selling tickets and turning the tickets and money in and getting the tractor back to Rollag. The raffle tractor does not come fully stocked with people to bring it somewhere, or to sell the raffle tractor tickets.

Yancy Wifall is in charge of the Raffle Tractor Tickets. Thank you Yancy for taking on that job!! If you need Raffle tractor tickets please let Yancy know.

Our next meeting will be June 20th (Steam School Weekend Sunday) at 2pm at the EXPO Building.

Eileen Todahl
Allis Expo Chair