June 20th Expo Meeting

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    Our Next Expo Meeting will be June 20th (Sunday of Steam School) 2pm in the Expo building!
    Hope to see you all there! :Welcome:
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    Recap of the June 20th Allis Expo Meeting, 2pm at the Expo Building.
    Our main discussion was on the AC Barbeque
    We decided to sell 150 tickets $6 a ticket. We are going to hold the barbeque in the TMB building. The TMB building has a stage with a runway, and a great sounds and light system, plus there are benches and bleachers in there. There also is water and power in that building which will help for making Kool-Aid, or coffee. We will have to start serving food around 5pm, and have our speakers start speaking around 5:30 to make sure we are done by 7:30 and our mess is cleaned up for the Steam queen coronation at 8pm.. But really we will just have to clean up the serving stuff and pickup any plates and cups, and maybe have to move a baler.
    We need to find a pig that is big enough to feed the 150 people. So we will need at least 75 lbs of pork to BBQ. Plus we will have to figure out when to get the pork and what to do with it till we can bbq it.. Tyson talked to Betty Anderson after the meeting to see if there would be a place to store the pork and she didn’t think there was any available freezer or fridge space..
    I have talked to Lynette about ordering the other supplies we will need, I just need to get her a list and she will get the stuff ordered. We will need some big roasters.. at least 5, so if you have a big roaster let me know!!
    Door prizes, table centerpieces, what are your thoughts…
    We will be able to run some tractors inside the tmb on the Right side, let me know if you would like to have your tractor on display. That will have to be done right after the style show is done at 4:30pm, and the tractors won’t be able to come out till after steam queen coronation… We can also park some tractors around the outside of the TMB… Gilbert Vust requires a trailer to put his AC baler on, so we have to remember to get that tucked inside that building too. When he gives his talk he will be able to pull parts off the baler to show people…
    For music so far I have lined up Cybil Hoffman, Gerry Stange and Gilman Nelson to play music.
    I have ordered the smaller AC flags; I need to recount the poles in the expo flag square. I forgot that the big 40x100 tent sacrifices some of the flagpoles… I will get the bigger flags ordered within the next day or two. I am thinking it will be about 60 flags and that will take care of the expo area and the terraces. We have come up with a niffy way to sell the flags.., when the flags get taken down on Monday, they each will go into a numbered bag and a sticker on the bag will say something to the fact that this flag was flown at the WMSTR Allis Expo in 2010 and it is flag number x out of xx… Clara Edin gave me that marketing trick.. There will be a sign up sheet for flags tho. So far I have one request for a flag. Flag #10 has been taken…
    I talked to Al, he will be bringing his big tent, we are going to put up the tent sometime on Thursday and we will need about 10 to 12 people to put it up. Al got sick over the winter and has lost a lot of strength so he can tell us how to put the tent up, but can’t really help put the tent up…
    Let me know if we are forgetting something… I’d rather figure stuff out now, then have to wing it later on…
    Eileen Todahl, Expo Chairperson 218-280-7526 eileen@todahlfarm.com

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