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Hello everyone! I hope this is the correct spot to post this. Please forgive me if it isn't. A bit of background..... I never really knew to much of my family's history until after my mother passed away recently. In going through her stuff, I ran across some of my great grandfathers construction pics. It turns out he was a excavating contractor throughout the midwest, and built some of Kansas City's most iconic landmarks. Such as, Union Station, Liberty Memorial, Cliff Drive and The Paseo Blvd, among others. What makes this pretty cool to me, is I am also a excavating contractor who owns my own company, and never had any idea that my great grandfather did the same line of work. I think that is pretty cool!

So fast forward.... I have since became extremely interested in old steam shovels. I am posting a couple different pics to see if someone can identify the model of shovel it is. He evidently had several of them, along with a bunch of other things, even had his own railcars and locomotives to transport. This just blows my mind!

Can someone point me in the right direction where i can find info on this era in general with the railroad contracting and old steam shovels?

And last but not least, I am in search of finding one to restore, where can I turn to look for one that is for sale? And how much do they typically run for something thats not a basket case?

Any info and insight is greatly appreciated.

h.h.h. steam shovel3.jpg h.h.h. steam shovel4.jpg

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Hi KC Street Racer,

I saw you post on SmokStak and saw that someone mentioned us at Rollag. Welcome to the WMSTR Forum. If you go to the Construction Area Exhibits, you will find some threads about our shovels.

I don't have answers for you questions. Hopefully, someone from that part of the show will stop by and see this thread. If you want to become a part of the steam shovel group at Rollag, you have taken the first step by introducing yourself. A great way to learn is to come, get involved, work with the folks with similar interest, ask questions and get dirty.

Again, welcome to the Forum and welcome to the world of Steam,
Jerry Christiansen


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Hello Jerry. Thank you for your response. I most likely will try and become a member and get involved. I've mentioned coming to the show next year to my wife. Thanks

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I'm sure you would be welcome in our construction area KC... You may even be able to get up on one of our 4 operational shovels and help out if you get introduced to the right people!

Jerry was correct... Check out this forum for lots of steam shovel stuff!

Welcome to the Forum!