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WMSTR Lifetime Member
Folks that tend to engines:

I've got the notion that folks new to the steam hobby can be hard-pressed to find opportunities to get the hands-on experience needed to get licensed, or make progress toward that end. Pre-show or show time is always busy, but would any among y'all consider giving a different weekend to helping others learn?

I'd like to suggest that Rollogology weekend might be a good occasion for those among us who look after an engine to offer deliberate attention to folks who want experience. Given a full weekend, I think I and the Port Huron could offer two individuals a pretty thorough walk-through of engine operation from put-together, firing, chooching, and cleanout, getting through most of the license checklist without compromising the intent behind it.

Two people is a pretty small number though. I'd like to ask if there are others who look after engines who might be willing to join such an effort.

I suggest Rollogology weekend not in the interest of detracting from that event, but in hope of adding to it; the more people there are around on an off-show weekend, the better the chances are that new people will have of finding people they gel with. Having spoken with Ray on the matter, it seems there's some understanding on the point.

Would any other engine owners/operators/curators be interested in joining me in such an effort?
Hi Rick,

I know a person that would operate a Prony Brake to provide some firing under load experience if wanted. We could 'saw logs' with the opportunity to stop any time for instruction, building fire, oiling . . . . .

Jerry Christiansen