Great old Caterpillar from 1926


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Found this great video of Cats at work I believe it said it was made in 1926 so it's only black and white and no sound. But it has some great construction equipment trucks, cranes, even planes and trains.
Hope you guys enjoy it as much as I did.
A couple things, I like how they keep the belt on in the wind out side while running it flat. The way they were unloading garbage out of the wagons or trucks is how we did it on the farm to unload the silage wagons, that was a long time ago!!
Anyone happen to notice the hit and miss engine on the barge? I have no clue what make it is maybe someone one can tell us.
Hi Ned and all others,

That is a neat video, thanks for sharing the find.

From 6:34 to 7:14 we get to see two Cats pulling a truck up a hill. I had to look a couple time to figure out the reason for the iron beams along side the second Cat. The beams for a yoke so that the first Cat pulls on the truck and not on the second Cat.

I am not sure I would like to be the fellows following behind the truck carrying the wood blocks. I suspect their job is to block the wheels of the truck if something fails and prevent the truck from rolling down the hill.

Thanks again for sharing,
Jerry Christiansen
Did you guys notice the Porter locomotive number was 3?

Neat setting the machinery in action.
Very cool Ned! Thanks for sharing. Those old films are cool... sound or not!
Anybody have any thoughts on what the hit and miss engine is on the barge?
How'd you like it when the little crawler was driving in the feed lot and spun into position to hook up to the wagons kinda reminded me modern skid steer drivers