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    The old vBulletin forum had a user control panel choice you could select that would send you notifications of either content you wanted to see, or a "Global" setting where you could be notified of any new post ANYWHERE on the forum.

    This new platform does not have the "Global" setting for users, however there is a way you can be notified when there is a new post in any of the forums you like to watch.

    Here is an example...

    I decided that I want to be notified when there is a new post in the Depot Division forum (A sub forum of Railroad Action On The Hill). Pictures below show you how to set it up.

    Forum Watch 1.jpg

    If you select "New Threads" you will be notified of any new threads created in that forum.
    Selecting "New Messages" will also give you notifications of any replies to existing threads.

    As for how you want notifications delivered, "Alerts" will only notify you when you log into the forum. If you choose "Emails" you will get an email notification sent to the email address you registered here with, with a link in the email that will take you right to the thread you are watching!

    Forum Watch 2.jpg

    So... Get busy and set up your notifications and don't miss anything posted in you're area of interest!

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