First IH Expo meeting of 2011!

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    Hello everyone! The first 2012 IH Expo meeting will be this Saturday, January 29, 2011 @ 2PM in Barnesville, MN at the Eagle Cafe. Bring your ideas and suggestions to share so we can get planning the biggest expo ever!

    If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact either Donald Clarke or Rachel Baker via here or the email.

    See you there!!!
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    just refreshing this post for anybody on the forum today
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    Next IH Expo Meeting

    The next IH Expo meeting will be on Saturday, March 26, 2011 at 2pm at the Eagle Cafe in Barnesville, MN!! Bring your ideas and suggestions!

    Thank you!
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    Just posting these here for anyone who didn't get an email from Rachel:

    Here are the notes from the January IH meeting!
    Please send any questions, comments, etc. to Thank you!

    We need more people to sign up to help us with specific parts of the Expo.

    Here is the current list for the different areas of the expo and who is helping with each one. If anyone would like to sign up the help with any of the areas, please let us know!

    Early Model

    Late Model
    Dave Morken

    Gas Tractors
    David Aakre

    Gary Aakre

    Talk to guys in the construction area and talk to John Peternell at the Albany Show

    Dave Morken, Neil Kuhlemeyer


    Gas Engines
    Warren Nickerson, Steve Comer (Gas Engine Area)

    Milking Equipment
    Warren Nickerson

    Horse Equipment
    Andy Meyer

    Lawn Equipment
    Adam Meyer

    Roger Meyer

    Military Items (trucks, equipment, rifles, etc.)
    Bob Clarke and Donald Clarke

    Refrigeration Equipment


    Tractor Square Dancing
    Hella Helfter

    Having Tractor Square Dancing at the 2012 show was brought up at the annual meeting. Probably use A, B, or C tractors for this.

    Brett Lien went to Biewers to look at raffle tractors – we want to do one for 2011 and also for the 2012 Expo. Jim Todahl suggested using one from the series 140, 240 or 340. There is a guy in Hawley with an A for sale and Mike Hansen saw a white C on Craigslist. Ask the Board about how much money we will have for the raffle tractors. Ask Eileen Todahl how much they spent on the AC one last year. Talk to Yancy Wifall about the raffle tickets as he handled it in 2010.

    Red Power Round-Up is in Albert Lea, MN this year at the end of June. Talk to Crystal Aakre about making posters/flyers to hand out there. We also want to get a booth at the round-up if we can. Try to get them to hold a second Round-up in the year 2012 as the first one has already been planned.

    If anyone has stories that they want to submit for the 2012 book, get started on them early! Send them to Rachel Baker at and she will get them to Jean Siirila when she is ready for them. If someone has a story they can write up quickly, we can get a few pages in the 2011 book for IH. Stories to be used in the 2012 book need to be in by January 2012.

    Merchandising for 2012 - If anyone has any ideas for things they would like to see for the Expo. Ideas for toy tractor, send to Don or Bob Clarke. Start thinking of the different souvenirs. Jerry Swedberg has a tractor he wants to have on the plate, we can look into that. Also still looking for ideas for the belt buckle, etc. There is a white trailer on Expo hill that was used a few years ago for selling merchandise, but is now empty. If it is not being used during the Expo, we may be able to sell out of this?

    Crystal Aakre will be working with Kathy Hamre on advertising and with Tim Dachtera on website / social networking for the Expo. The big Osgood steam shovel will be ready for the 2012 show, so we need to make sure that it is included in any advertising we do!!

    Expo area discussion:

    · Tractor games (i.e., pushing a barrel, stacking a chain in a box)
    · Have the big tent like the Allis Expo

    Jim Todahl suggested possibly changing the parade route to include the Expo area. Or maybe do a full parade in the morning and just expo in the afternoon.

    Discussed locations / dates for meetings in the future, possibly Titan Machinery, we could also talk to them about having an old tractor or truck on display in their showroom to advertise the show. (David Aakre works at the Moorhead store and Nick Olson also works at one).

    Do we want to have a dealership/store in the Expo building like AC? – Talk to Wayne Nelson about that since he did the AC one.

    We want to try to get one or both of the turbine tractors (one is owned by the Smithsonian and one was rebuilt after the original was destroyed.)

    Tyson Sonnenberg and his dad have been talking with the Board about holding an auction on Father’s Day weekend – maybe the IH group can work with them on something to help our Expo.

    We would like to have a banquet for the IH Expo; Tyson Sonnenberg and his dad did the pig for the 2010 banquet, so we can talk to them about doing that again.

    How will we handle any demonstrators with interesting equipment? Do we want them displayed in a certain area?

    Try to get something together to get more attention for the show and Expo (like Jim Ringsrud driving his tractor from Idaho).

    ***Next meeting will be Saturday, March 26, 2011, at 2:00PM at the Eagle Café in Barnesville, MN.

    Thank you all for your ideas and suggestions! We appreciate all your help!

    Rachel Baker
    IH Expo Secretary
  5. crystalaakre

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    Just a reminder that the IH expo meeting is today Saturday, March 26, 2011 at 2pm at the Eagle Cafe in Barnesville, MN. Hope to see you there!

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