First Brake operation of 2020

Discussion in 'Prony Brake' started by Jerry Christiansen, Apr 18, 2020.

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    Hi everyone,

    Yesterday, 17 April, Sid F met me at the Pabst building and helped me load the Blue Brake.


    We stopped to look at a camper in Upper Lutefisk Campground and I took the picture above.

    Then we went to one of our favorite spots for a soda and a cookie.
    The sun felt real good as we sat on the west side of the storage building near the Red Brake.
    The middle chair was there to provide physical distance and it was our table for the cookies and soda.

    No, I can't tell you where the Blue Brake is headed today, 18 April. We have to keep the location secret so the crowd won't get too big. :)...

    You will need to check back for the report.

    Jerry Christiansen
  2. Jerry Christiansen

    Jerry Christiansen Mega Poster WMSTR Lifetime Member

    Hi everyone,

    If you read the previous post, you know that the Blue Brake was headed somewhere. We went to Lidgerwood, ND. The hometown of Dusty Ehli. Dusty is a stationary gas guy that has displayed at Rollag for a long time. Last Fall he made the mistake of falling in to tractors. Ask Peter M about that. Peter has some responsibility for Dusty's downfall.

    Dusty has a thread on Smokstak detailing the work they did last winter. You can visit that thread

    Dusty has a thread started about today in the Steel Wheel Tractors on this forum you can see

    As you may know, my favorite black belt broke last summer when we visited the Crosby show. I had another belt I brought along today.


    One time when we stopped, I happened to be right by the splice and noticed some printing.


    Look closely. That says CRAFTSMAN POWER MASTER.
    I wonder if this came with a lifetime warranty like other Craftsman tools? If it breaks, do you suppose I can get a new one at no charge?

    We had a great day at the Ehli farm. Nothing broke and the tractor ran well.

    Jerry Christiansen


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