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Not having a good night with this phone we aquired some rims for the front axle of the grader they will need some modifications the a c forklift. had some issues with its head gasket head was removed and checked valve guides were replaced and valves valve seats were ground this needs to be assembled last summer a conveyor was installed under the end cut table at the B and R sawmill we. have repair another section of conveyor to finish it new couplers for the ortner train need to be finished Lunch will served by Case Jo's catering now if that doesn't give you some insensitive to join us I don't know what will hope to see you Saturday at Larson Welding
I plan on taking in the fun filled day. I think the grader maybe needs a little extra work after the incident on the street, as we were parking it after we were done for the day last month. We all have a fun time working together on workdays.

Jerry Christiansen

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Hi all,

The head count was down from last year. We still got a few things done. I wasn't at the November Work Weekend, I only stopped long enough to drop off an order of plates we made that day.

The forklift was back inside. Last month the head was removed. This is the head gasket they found.


No wonder it wasn't running right. I asked Louie if the block or head showed reason for the failure. He said the surfaces looked good, the gasket must have gotten old and decided it was time to retire.

A look at the block.


Apparently, nothing wrong here. It is all cleaned up and ready to go.

The head was sent out. The valve guides were replaced, the seats were touched up and the valves were sharpened.


The head is inside the plastic bag waiting to be installed.

Louie and Tom H worked on this project.


They planned to drive it out at the end of the day. A snag showed up.

A close up of the rocker arm assembly. Look closely the third bolt from the left that goes through the rocker arm.

The casting that holds the rocker arm was split in two. Louie said another one did the same thing last summer. A new set of four are on order. The forklift had to be pulled out at the end of the day.

A conveyor and a trailer were in the shop.


Jim got the conveyor somewhere. He planned on doing work to it so it could get installed in the Briden-Roen sawmill. Bob C told Jim that a conveyor was already on the grounds and ready to go for that project. Jim decided the trailer project was about the quickest one ever finished up on a Work Weekend.

Bob C acquired the trailer form someone in the Kindred area. The trailer had been stretched out and set up to haul a header for a combine. Bob shortened it back close to original length.


He added some diagonal braces on the back that aren't shown in this picture and made some changes to the hitch.

A grain cleaner for the elevator in the Horse Power area is going to be mounted on this trailer.

More pictures to come,
Jerry Christiansen

Jerry Christiansen

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Hi everyone,

Some more pictures from the December weekend.

Several of these pieces were at the shop looking for some attention.

These brand new castings are couplers that hold the cars together on the Ortner Railroad. Work started in the mill. The mill got the hole all the way through the piece and removed a lot of material.

Here is a close up of the piece after it was done on the mill. Filing has all ready been done to square up the corners.



The rectangular pin had to slide through. This pin hold the movable jaw of the coupler in place so the cars stay connected. That is all the farther the pin would go in at this stage of the job. This job took a LOT of filing to finish up. I worked on this project for a while..

Dan L was working on another part of the coupler system.


I didn't get a close up of the piece he is working on. This part bolts on to the car, and the coupler slips into it. That was another job that required a LOT of filing. Luckily, Jim has some burrs with a long shank for die grinders. We could reach along ways in and remove a lot of material.

Noah D was working next to Dan and found a nice foot rest.


What is that he is resting his foot on? Some Minneapolis lovers would call that sacrilege. That is the identical twin to what Gerry P was working on in one of the lathes.

Here is a view from one side.


Now we see it from the other side.


That is a brand new quadrant for the 35 Hp Minneapolis Steam engine. The quadrant on the engine now is not the correct one and doesn't allow for full motion of the valve. Gerry was cleaning up the side the lever will ride on. More work will be done on this at Gerry's shop and the bracket that is on the other side of the lever will be added.

More to come,
Jerry Christiansen

Ray Wangler

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Jerry you know I hate to correct you......however when the need arises... that quadrant is for Mark Pederson's 45 Minneapolis. Tristan Lund made the pattern and it was cast at Corey Anderson 's foundry. Tom Dillon is project manager. The 45 didn't have the correct quadrant when restored in the 80'S. When Gerry Parker purchased the MTM drawings at the Ronda sale the correct size became known and this project took off. Tom will mount it when Gerry is done and we all hope to see the 45 stc run better.

Jerry Christiansen

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Hi everyone,

I am glad Ray caught that error. I did that on purpose to see how many people would notice and say anything. ;)...
How many people believe that statement??

I realized I had more pictures. A couple more projects were in the shop.

Brett and Ray were making a shaft for one of the projects.

Brett is giving Ray some tips on machining the part.

Later on, Brett must have told Ray he didn't need him any more.


I don't know how much of the statement above this picture is true. But if Ray doesn't say different, that is the story I am sticking with.

The shaft is part of this project.


This is the front axle of the road grader that was worked on last month. I don't know where the shaft fits on this. Can someone tell us, please?

Take a look at this rim


The one on the other side was just about as good as this one. A very tough flap would be needed to protect the tube on these!

Alex, Alex and Patrick worked on cutting these rims off.



They cut the rims off without cutting any of the spoke. The 'new' rims slipped on pretty neatly.


The smile lets us know the job was going well.


Both rims are in place, a bit of welding to finish up.


Harlan is in the background near the forklift. He and Gary M welded a bunch of short (about 3 foot long) 4 X 4's together to make about 12 footers. These will be used in a future building project.

That is the end of the pictures I took at the December Work Weekend. There a few project to finish up next time. Keep watching for more information.

Jerry Christiansen

M Kerkvliet

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I really miss coming to those events, but a growing farming operation has used up all of my free time anymore! The list out there is much longer! Spent this past Saturday putting an engine back in a combine that we had taken out earlier in the week to replace a rear seal... We do 95% of our own maintenance out there.

I am really happy to see so many people, new and old faces taking on the much needed responsibility of getting these important projects done! As always, Jim and Lynette are so generous to support our organization with use of their shop and supplies! I hope they know how much they are appreciated!

Thanks for telling the stories Jerry!

Ray Wangler

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No correction needed, Jerry . I typically take more knowledge than I's how I roll! We sure had lots of fun! I second Mark's thanks to Jim and Lynette for sharing the shop. No way we get so much done without them.