FFA Kids Work Weekend-Tree Cleanup


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To continue the project started last year out in Construction area, the weekend of August 11th and 12th will be designated to cleaning up the fence line/side hill/tree trimming.

The Hawley FFA kids will be on hand to help, but as usual it would be great to have more chainsaws and able bodies to run them, and transportation trailers & equipment to burn/dump area. If you can help- let me know.

Last year we made HUGE improvements in just over half a day with very few people. Think what we can do with more time and help!

If you have other projects for the FFA kids to help with, let me know so we can plan with them and then divide and conquer. This group likes to help us, and with the right planning and coordination, we can certainly use their help (young able bodies) to help us get ready for the show.

If you need my cell # for any reason- PM me and I’ll get it to you!

45 days till show...
Bumping this again... and adding to it.

*This is for anyone needing hours for active member status*

This Saturday morning till mid day ( August 4th ) we will be working on getting the south (facing the RR track) and the east (facing visitors camping) fence lines up in the Sandbox debried - junk removed (scrapped) or moved to its permanent home etc- in anticipation of the FFA kids coming on the 11th to help with removing the overgrowth on the fence line and side hill to beautify the area. I will gladly welcome chainsaws BOTH weekends.... ... but any tools you think would help are welcomed. If you have a skidsteer, trailer whatever- you will be used!

Message me with any questions or concerns. I welcome everyone.... there is plenty to do! Perfect time to get in your hours!

The goal is to open up the skyline and make it welcoming to our visitors as this area continues to grow every year.... and safe for them to explore during the show.