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Ron said last night that the trailer, for smaller items, is done, and will be at the show grounds this Saturday. Ron is also working on the flag poles for shuttle wagons. :smilie_flagge13:

Also.. If anybody is making a trip to Iowa in the next week, please let me know. There are a "few" items down there that we need to get to the showgrounds the week before the show at the lastest, and it would be great to not have to pay shipping on these items. PM or phone or email me if you are going to Iowa.:praying:

And we will need help the week before the show. Thursday before the show especially. Thursday is the day we are going to put up the 99 flags, and also the big 40x100 tent. We need at least 12 people to help with the tent. :Welcome:

We are looking for people to help during the show, in the Expo building especially. Plus we will need some help the night of the Evening with Allis BBQ. And I am sure there will be plenty of other jobs that we will need help with during the Expo, I will gladly put anybody to work during the show!

And don't forget if you are at the show grounds this weekend, that the Expo building is getting cleaned out and Roger Haugen could use some help. Please bring a broom if you can.

I am off to the Almelund show this weekend. Almelund is featuring Allis. We will be making the final push for Allis exhibitors, and for swap meet vendors. Let me know if you will be at Almelund also. I will gladly meet up with you somewhere on that showgrounds.