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Discussion in 'Briden-Roen Sawmill' started by CaseyD, Sep 30, 2007.

  1. CaseyD

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    During the 2007 show, I was invited to work in the B&R Sawmill, and little did I know about how much there was actually to do there. Thanks to Mel and all of the other sawyers whose names I have forgotten :( I picked up a particular interest in the mill. Mark K. had asked the community about an earlier wood cutting day than usual-sometime in October, and I will likely be there one of the weekends for that. I am interested in cleaning off the engines, boilers, and other milling-machinery to make it look a little less run down. Is there anyone from the sawmill area that could possibly guide me one of those weekends? The first and third weekends of October are most likely for me...perhaps both, if there are things to do... :)
  2. M Kerkvliet

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    All I want to do before wood cutting day is to clean up the wood pile area in preparation for wood cutting Casey. I have not nailed a day down for sure yet, but I am leaning towards the 3rd weekend of October. The actual wood cutting day will be in November sometime.

    Someone else will have to fill you in on any machinery clean up happening. I am not aware of any of that, that goes on in the fall... at least that has not already been done. It is pretty lonely on the hill these days.
  3. CaseyD

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    Mark, I just feel bad when I see those brightly, skillfully painted engines covered with a thick coat of black steam cylinder oil and streaked with grease, or the black painted boilers with a coat of soft dust blanketing them...Sometime before the show next year, I would like to get as much of the sawmill cleaned up so when people see the equipment, they know just by looking at it that it is being well watched over--not just sitting there getting one year closer to the scrap heap. I know that there are people who take very good care of everything in there, but I think that appearances also play a part...I mean, it is a *show*, right? Might as well look good.
  4. M Kerkvliet

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    I am quite sure that Jim will not get in your way if you want to clean up the engines in the sawmill! Next summer, when it is warm, and things can dry out faster will be a better time!
  5. cjmlarson

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    Grease covered engines

    Hi Casey,

    About two years ago I asked Jim B. if he minded at all if I cleaned the 110 skid about two weeks before the show , he said have at it.So I did just that ,and it looked nice for the show.But one thing to remember is that over the winter the oil ,grease and dust actually helps protect the outside of the engines.then right before steam school weekend they can be broughtback to a more show appearance.Sometimes us younger people want to do things we feel is what needs to be done ,but actuallythese guys that have been doing this for a long time know what will and will not damage the equipment. Keep up the good thoughts !
  6. CaseyD

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    Thanks, Clayton. I will keep that in mind for next spring. I doubt that any type of cleaner would work very well in the cooler temperatures of fall anyway. I understand what you said about the protective layer, and I'm glad you reminded me of that so I won't feel bad if I am not able to get around to it. See you out on the Hill...eventually ;)

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