Donuts The last of the 2019 crop

Jerry Christiansen

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Hi all,

I checked with Louie, Donut Tasting will take place at Larson Welding this Saturday, 14 December.
Jim and Louie were going to get a list of projects put together today, but paying projects got in the way. Louie hopes to get the project list up tomorrow, Tuesday.

Imagine that, snow falls and the welding shop gets busy. o_O

Who is planning to come for the last Donut Tasting of 2019? Shall we meet for breakfast somewhere?

Jerry Christiansen


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Well that time of year has arrived again donut tasting and prolific dispensing of useless information by some of the most accomplished people you will ever meet their combined imaginations don't know any limitations enough of that it's a good thing I still had some of last year's donut crop in storage it's been a real struggle to get this year's crop harvested we probably won't get done till the end of next month but we will make it As always Christmas portraits of you and your favourite circular pastry will be available they are suitable for framing we also have a new feature this year Christmas cards with your portrait on them suitable for mailing to family and friends putting all that aside we have a few projects that need some attention the sawdust blower for the B R sawmill mistakenly tried blow a small 2×6 needless to say the blower lost new parts assembly some welding needed new bleachers need to be constructed metal frames need to be welded together the A C forklift needs an oil change new guages alternator ignition switch and a few other minor details we need to assemble a couple of boxes to ship saw blades for repairs there are still some garbage rings to assemble and we are going to take a look at the shows mower I think I've covered everything lunch will be served So bring your vast knowledge of useless information tools for coffee delicious donuts or as they otherwise known circular pastry and join us at Larson Welding this Saturday the 14 of December


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I think if we talk nice to Clayton he's got a new CAT engine we could hook up to the saw dust blower it should be able to launch a 2x6 into the next county

M Kerkvliet

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I should come up there just because it's close!

But with forecast temps I'll likely stay in my warm bed! Still a lot of farming to do this year if we do anything in that kind of weather... This fall has been a bi...

One thing for sure... Tillage is done!

Jerry Christiansen

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Hi everyone,

At least part of the 2019 Donut Crop was harvested, the proof is below.


Ron F brought some cookies along just in case Louie wasn't able to locate donuts. The day was off to a good start.

Brett C, looking at the camera, helped Ray W work on making one of the pistons for the crowd engine on the big steam shovel.


Louie and Ron looked over the fork lift and made plans.P_20191214_075453.jpg
By the end of the day the oil and antifreeze were changed, new points, plugs, distributor cap got installed and new gauges were installed. I don't know what other items were taken care of.

Gary M checked out some bleacher risers and made plans to build more.

I don't know if locations for the bleachers are picked or not.

Notice the angelic glow as these three discussed projects for the day.

After Jim walked away, Ned came by to supervise.


Kelly worked on a dust blower for a saw mill, Brian made some guards for transporting saw blades and Ned did some welding during the day.

Back by the fork lift for a moment.


Kaylee M and Dean M showed up for a bit, Kaylee is the person in the red jacket. They unloaded a 706 IH that was acquired for the engine, removing that may be a project for another weekend. They had a loader on the trailer that was headed for Luke S.

The fence posts in the metal basket are parts for more garbage rings. Nothing was done on them this weekend, that might be a January project.

Back at the turning lathe.

Brett and Ray got some pointers from Gary M and Tom H.


Kenneth stopped working on parts for the Ortner Railroad long enough to chat with Kelly and Kaylee.

This is one of the saw guards that Brian built.

He said the blade fits on a 60 volt skill saw that he left at home.

More pictures in a bit.

Jerry Christiansen

Jerry Christiansen

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More pictures.

Kerry B was here.
More discussion about the forklift.

More welding discussion.
Notice the big torch in Kelly's hand. Some brazing was done on cast iron. The torch was used to warm the cast iron before the brazing started.

Kenneth got back to work after Kaylee left.

Brett continued to work on the piston. Rick W is in the back ground. I think he was doing something for the piston project, too.

Sanders E is a hard person to get a picture of. He was working on making the other piston for the crowd engine of the big steam shovel.


Kerry B, Harlan S and I spent our morning working on the Woods Mower. By dinner time we had it in this pile.

We are planning to get new seals for the bevel gear box, new bearings for all three blade spindles and new bearings for the caster wheels. Some pieces need a bit of straightening and the picture below shows a bit of welding needs to be done.

The bevel gear box attaches to this. Notice the crack that goes almost all the way across the piece. Harris said he will straighten this and 'V' out the cracks to they can be welded. Jim plans to add a bit of reinforcement along the sides. We plan to get this back together next month.

Below you can see a pile of steel that Gary and Kelly M cut for making bleacher risers.
The new bleachers will have three rows of benches, not five like the pattern.

The dinner buffet is shown below.

Pulled pork sandwiches, coleslaw, chips and cookies. We always eat well at a Work Weekend.
Thanks this month to Casey Jo Catering. Did I get that spelled right?

The finished blade guard for the smaller blade.
I didn't get a picture of the other one. That blade is over 48 inches across.

A couple more pictures to come.

Jerry Christiansen


M Kerkvliet

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Thanks Jerry for the reporting and the photographic evidence! I am glad that the donut crop got in because the corn crop is being elusive this year... which is why I could not be there.

Tonight, as I type this the night shift is out combining corn in -18º weather! Thats 18 below zero! Everything is fighting us. Still have about 950 acres out there. This has been a crazy fall.

Thanks to all who made it to help out!

Jerry Christiansen

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Hi again all,

I have one more bunch of pictures to share.

A little different view of the group in the northeast corner of the welding area.
This is the area that a lot of work was done on the sawdust blower for the sawmill.

Kerry B and Gary M stopped by to coach Brett C and Ray WP_20191214_084413.jpg
Both pistons for the crowd engine on the big steam shovel were worked on. I think both will get finished next month.

Another shot of Noah D working on the sawdust blower. Brian is looking on.

After a bit Jim stopped to take a look.
The saw dust blower came a long ways, more work next month.

I managed to get two pictures of this elusive fellow.
I am not sure why his lathe looks empty.

Earlier I said the Ned was busy welding om something. Just a bit before I left Ned and Jim brought out what he had been working on.
Ned said that Flossie's Laundry needed some new clothes line poles. He made two of these, so that makes sense.

I hope to see a bunch of you at the first Donut Tasting of 2020 in January.

Jerry Christiansen