Donut crop report


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As we all found out sadly last month our donuts in storage had been damaged and are unfit for consumption I have been working feverishly to secure a new supply with little to no success even had Klinger looking in his spare time which he has very little of had one lead but that fell thru so it is with great sadness I have to inform everyone we have cancelled the work weekend/ donut tasting / exchange of useless information for this month we hope better times are coming

Jerry Christiansen

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I don't know how I will survive another month with out seeing you. We can only hope that by March donuts from other parts of the world can get imported.

Thanks for letting us know. With the low temperatures that are being predicted for this weekend, not needing to travel sounds good.

Jerry Christiansen

M Kerkvliet

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I am guessing that the cold weather has frozen and freezer burned the donut crop. Hope Louie can find someone to take the spoils. Perhaps a cattle feeder?

Also guessing that it will be much more expensive to find donuts of a suitable grade for human consumption for next month. He may have to travel south to a warmer climate to get that accomplished.

Good luck Louie...

Harlen D Seidell

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Maybe we should see if Jim would let us fire up one of the steamers to thaw out the FM area, so we can look for a new donut supply, and if that fails we could run a add on Craigslist for a new donut supply. If that fails we could make a run too Hornbacher's for some chocolate chip cookies. Hope we can find a solution for this emergency, so we can get together in March. Later Harlen Seidell